Far Cry 3

I still remember playing Far Cry Vengeance on my Wii and having a ton of fun using the remote as a weapon of mass destruction. And then Far Cry 3 got out. Don’t get me wrong, the game is good! In it’s own kind of way. If you ask me, it looks a lot like the bastard child of GTA with Far Cry. 
It’s open ended, meaning that there are tons of «off story» things to do and see. This made me a bad impression to be honest. The main story is very short but woth the side quests the game gets some appeal. Enemies are dumb, there is a leveling system, pew pew, end. 
Of course the graphics are out of this world as this is where the developers did their best. Gfx are the sole purpose of this game, they are so good that there is tearing on the consoles. It will stress your pc to the max. The sound is mediocre. 
Story 6/10 Gameplay 8/10 Technical 9/10 Overall 7/10

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