Tomb Raider

Lara Croft makes her comeback in this intense action game. The main aspect of the game is of course the great gameplay that has everything that needs and no less. Lara starts as a little bookwormy girl and through her adventure to save her companions transforms to the great adventirer archaeologist that we know and love. Followed by a nice cast and chased by a vicious sect of followers of a dead godess, miss Croft will have to survive, solve puzzles and kill her way to solve the mystery of the island complex she is jailed inside. 
The graphics are top grade and can even be rated as «next gen». The sound is a notch lower but still awesome. My biggest fear was the controlls, because I always remember past Lara falling into an abyss because the analog stick was 0.01 clicks to the right than it should be. So it was a relief to play without ever killing myself in such a way. 
There is also a leveling system and lots of secret thingies to find and do. This reboot will be maybe game of the year. 
Story 8/10 Gameplay 10/10 Technical 9/10 Overall 10/10

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