Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel

EA developed a nice habbit of turning franchises into shit during the last years. One of these titles to have a miserable fate is Army of Two. OK it was never a top-class title but it deserves better than the last installment. 
In the Devil’s Cartel we are Alpha and Bravo. New characters with no «bro connection» and bad pun lines to  fill the action. The story is to rescue a hostage from the cartel’s army. And there is your motive to shoot everything that moves. 
Gameplay wise, the one thing that manages to keep the title from drowning is the fun to play co-op along with the «Overkill mode» that allows explosive bullets and ininsibility for a short time. The CG is old fashioned and kinda bad and the sound blase. It may give you some hours to kill but nothing more.
Story 4/10 Gameplay 5/10 Technical 4/10 Overall 4/10

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