Athenian Brewery Lunch Event

It was a great pleasure and honor to be present at the lunch/tasting event of the major brewery of Greece, the Athenian. It took place at the Avissinia Cafe and present were executive representatives of the company, bloggers as well as beer-site owners.

Firstly there was some talk about the brewery and its moves. Two things to keep in mind are that firstly it’s a company that keeps investing money despite having the biggest part of the sales and second, they buy barley from greek producers. Not many companies support the local producers i’m afraid. Even less support other -smaller- breweries in order to make beer better known and open new options for the market. Kudos for these.

Then there was the tasting. We started with a glass of Amstel Radler which is a new version of the well known label. It’s part beer and part fresh lemon juice and it’s great for a long hot day. Then we were served octopus salad with Heineken, mushrooms with onion and green pepper sided with a glass of Amstel Pilsner, later a portion of roast potato with spices and cheese along with a good ol’ BIOS 5 (the one with 5 different cereal in it!) and finished our meal with lamb and groats nicely paired with an Erdinger Weißbräu. Last but not least, the desert that got the best comments. Chocolate mousse with a hint of orange sided with a cold glass of Amstel Bock. Exceptional choises I must say.

To close, the Athenian celebrates its 50th anniversary in the greek market this year.

Αnd some photos of the menu…

’till the next time. Cheers! 

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