Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen

Dragon’s Dogma came out last year as an experiment of Capcom to test the mechanics of the forthcoming DmC. The game was partialy fail as it had nothing more than a good combat system and lots of stuff to do. Now comes the new retail with the expansion, hd textures and the original japanese dialogues. 
As a classic JRPG, Dragon’s Dogma has a shallow storyline that doesn’t get much better during the expansion. The graphics are close to what you’d call great and the sound is much nicer in japanese now. The pawn system makes a bit of strategy possible and the grinding is somewhat limited, which is cool.
A respectable game to keep you hooked for a fairly good chunk of time.
Story 4/10 Gameplay 8/10 Technical 8/10 Overall 7/10

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