De Molen Bloed, Zweet & Tranen

Light to medium bodied, black colored, and highly carbonated. The foam was thick and lasted long, too long for me! Aroma was mainly roasted things and smoke. Now, for the taste I was completely disoriented. When the beer was cold, it was a typical dark smoked beer, with hints of smokey, roasted barley and bacon of course!

When it got warmer, it changed to a slightly smoked stout, with the classic chocolate and the coffee and all these familiar flavors! And a long, long and even longer aftertaste! Give it a try, and you will understand! I still taste bacon with chocolate on my taste buds!

Aroma 6/10  Taste 7/10  Palate 6/10
Thanks Petros for this guest post. Cheers!


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