First of all I want to tell you about the main character. Deadpool is a wacky, goofy, silly, schizophrenic parody of an anti-hero, who makes shocking and sexist jokes and is hungry for killing and girls. In the comic he is aware that he is a comic book character. So in the game he knows he’s a videogame character. Those features make this game funny. It’s a videogame parody.

The game starts having Deadpool force High Moon to make a game about him. But unfortunately the big bad guy of the game was killed by Mister Sinister and there starts a hunt of revenge for his stolen glory.

The gameplay is action based (in melee combat) with third person shooter features (in ranged combat). Melee combos combined with gunshots makes it cool but a bit repeatable. The lock on system is also problematic as to lock on you must have the crosshair close to your target. The quotes and some unexpected events help you not to lose interest. It’s an one-run game.

Story 7/10 Gameplay 6/10 Technical 8/10 Overall 7/10
Thanks Mits for this guest post. Cheers!

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