Android Netrunner

On the darkest corners of a futuristic cyberpunk space, Hackers and Megacorporations are battling for dominance.

Shall you choose to fight on the blue corner, as an evil Megacorp you will be building and upgrading a digital fortress of firewalls to protect your precious servers and score your top secret agendas.

On the red corner a lone Hacker using powerful programs and hardware, launches deadly viruses in an attempt to break the fortress’s defences and steal the precious agendas.

Little twists build up a constant tension. Will the hacker manage to make a successful run through the server or he will get tricked into spending all his resources, smashing firewall after firewall only to discover a worthless project? Will the company manage to mislead the runner and score her agendas in time or she will be forced to watch the runner browse through her servers undisturbed? Bluffing, mind-games, strategy and secrecy are the existing aspects during the whole game. Every hit you receive, no matter what role you play, drains your resources and leaves you in agony to recover, as for victory to be achieved, it must be snatched from the teeth through sacrifices and last-minute twists.

Netrunner is the next big thing in the living card game genre so get your deck ready to battle in this Game of the Cyber Thrones!

Fun fact : The Man behind Netrunner is no one else than MTG’s Richard Garfield which pretty much explains the poker-like tactics and strategy skills the game requires.

Thanks Jinny for this guest post. Cheers!

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