The Last Story

The Last Story puts you in the shoes of Zael, a mercenary travelling through Lazulis Island with his interesting merc friends. The Gurak, a long ago friendly to the humans monstrous tribe, are rising against them. Zael finds himself in the middle of this starting war as he possesses not only the wit and courage but also the power to bring the confilct to an end. Of course, as we are talking about an rpg, tons of other characters will intervene and try to take control, mess up for Zael etc. It’s a jrpg but one of the good ones.

The controls are easy enough to get used to them in like 20″. This makes the fast gameplay awesomer. The fights are action based but later you can make them more tactical by ordering your friends what to do. Of course there are melees, mages, archers, tanks, whatever you want. Graphics are a bit old as we are talking about the Wii but don’t bother about them. It’s the least and only mediocre thing. The company is very diverse and ties the game together with nice narrative, many opinions and great lines. If you have a Wii go for it.

Story 9/10 Gameplay 10/10 Technical 7/10 Overall 8/10

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