Your Favorite Game Giveaway

The cool people at, which is a great price comparison service for games, do us the honor of co-running a game giveaway to play and pair with some good beer. Well, of course, you buy your own beer, but surely, we are giving away to one lucky reader, the game of his choice!

Here’s How to Join:

  1. On the game widget, log in with your Facebook or E-Mail account.
  2. Choose from AllKeyShop’s wide selection of games, the game of your choice. Get the Game URL and paste it on the box provided for on the widget. No game URL, makes it an invalid entry.
  3. Like our Facebook page to gain entries and unlock the daily bonuses. Share this giveaway to your friends to gain additional entries.

This giveaway ends on October 11, 2013 and a Winner will be selected the same day. We will be sending an initial E-Mail to the Winner, who has within 24 hours to confirm, before we select a new winner. The game cd-key will be sent electronically after the winner has confirmed. Please read the full Terms and Conditions found on the Rafflecopter widget above.
Best of Luck!
Visit the sponsor’s giveaway site to join other awesome giveaways!


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