Beyond: Two Souls

This is not a game. It’s an interactive movie that pushes the boundaries of gaming to the edge. Ellen Page gives a performance worth an Oscar as Jodie in a role that bounces between drama, sci-fi, action, adventure and military. Jodie is a girl not like the others. She always has Aiden with her, a spirit that she must understand, tame and live with. Τhere are many twists and great characters that only make it better. 
As in the other works of David Cage, the choices have impact, the realism is on the max level and it’s an experience full of emotions. Even if it gets linear sometimes, the 10 hours it will take you are worth every penny. It’s a very close to perfect game that won’t let anyone down. 
Story 10/10 Gameplay 8/10 Technical 8/10 Overall 8/10

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